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Atlas of Wenchuan-Earthquake Geohazards is published ----2018-05-11

Many mega earthquakes in the world show that the impact of a mega earthquake usually lasts for dozens of years even a hundred years. In order to reveal the long-term evolution of geohazards in the area affected by Wenchuan Earthquake and to improve risk mapping and control technology on geohazards in meizoseismal area, our lab (headed by Prof. Tang Chuan) and ITC (headed by Prof. Cees Van Vesten) spent four years in compiling the English book--Atlas of Wenchuan-Earthquake Geohazards, which was published at the time of the 10th anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake.


Based on the analysis of the characteristics, distribution and formation mechanisms of co-seismic landslides and post-seismic debris flows in the area affected by Wenchuan Earthquake, the theoretical and technical research on risk assessment of geohazards was done, taking Wenchuan county as an example area. Illustrated with more than 350 photos, maps, and graphs, this book shows the research results of Wenchuan Earthquake over the past 10 years. It is a universal, operational and exemplary model for risk assessment and geohazards prevention in meizoseismal area. Besides, the changing characteristics related to post-seismic mass movement activity after the earthquake are summarized and the methods to access the hazard and risk of debris flows for 145 catchments in Wenchuan County at different scales are highlighted. The atlas also displays some examples of risk management such as engineering measures and early warning systems.


This atlas is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake and to the memory of "5.12"!


Note: ITC, founded in 1950, is the most international university in the Netherlands, which has long been devoted to the research of quantitative risk assessment of geohazards based on remote sensing and GIS technology. It has put forward a set of technical framework and index system for quantitative risk assessment of geohazards, which are widely recognized and popularized in the world. Its scientific research and technology is in the leading position in related fields. ITC is also committed to professional education, scientific research and project services in the field of Geographic Information Science and Earth Observation, especially the personnel training and project services for developing countries. Its faculty consists of over 300 experts from more than 30 countries, with over 15000 alumni in more than 160 countries. Every year, hundreds and thousands of students and experts from all over the world go to ITC to study and research. It is an exactly international center for education and research.