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Xiao Caizhong, the Vice-Director of Bureau of National Territory Recourse of Guizhou Province, and his delegation do a survey trip in CDUT ----2018-08-05

2nd August witnessed the survey to CDUT made by Xiao Caizhong, the Vice-Director of Bureau of National Territory Recourse of Guizhou Province, and his delegation. They do a survey in terms of the strategic cooperation on "1155" Engineering Technology Project for Prevention and Control of Geological Disasters in Guizhou Province and other relevant issues. The meeting hosted by Xu Qiang, the deputy director of the laboratory, was held in the 216 room our lab, and the researchers in our lab attended the meeting.


During meeting, Director Xiao introduced disasters situation in Guizhou as well as the technical difficulties and significances of “1155 project” for Guizhou disaster reduction. Professors, Tang Chuan, He Zhengwei, Denghui, Fan Xuanmei, Zhao Jianjun and Ju Nengpan, gave some helpful advices. At last, synthesizing the advanced concepts and technologies for geological disaster prevention at home and abroad together, Prof. Xu concluded the “1155”project and provided some available suggestions based on the analysis of geological disasters data, such as: further analyze the rules of geological disaster susceptibility in Guizhou; establish an early identification method and technical system with air-day-ground integration for concealed geological disasters; study regional hazard and early warning of major disasters model; carry out risk sequencing of the disasters; develop targeted disaster stewardship, relocation work, monitoring and early warning, as well as widely preventive measures. Director Xiao emphasized that relative technician should improve  technical plan according the suggestions. In addition, the plan required to be fully present that the overall understanding of the big data platform by the implement of the "1155" project.


        What’s more, attendees discussed the cooperation of the Guizhou Big Data Disaster Prevention Application Research Center and relevant issues between Guizhou Provincial Department of Land and Resources and our lab (of CDUT). laid a solid foundation for cooperation for our lab to better help the geological disasters prevention and control in Guizhou.