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Our first foreign postdoctoral research fellow leaves the research station successfully ----2018-09-12

On the afternoon of August 31, 2018, Gianvito Scaringi gave his final report for leaving the research station which was entitled “The Wenchuan Earthquake chain of geohazards and other experiences”. Obtaining the doctor degree in Geotechnical engineering at Bardsley Kata University in Italy, Scaring entered our postdoctoral research station of geological resources and geological engineering in early 2017. He was one of the first batch of foreign postdoctoral research fellows recruited by CDUT, and is also the first one to leave the station.


Dr. Scaringi has carried out detailed studies on the formation mechanism, movement process and spatio-temporal evolution of the geohazards influenced by Wenchuan Earthquake. During the past two years in our research station, Scaringi had published 17 SCI papers and 7 conference papers in foreign academic journals. Besides these papers, five papers are under evaluation and three papers are being written. His researches are of both great theoretical and practical significance, which are helpful for geohazard prevention and mitigation.


Based on the quantitative tracing of the spatio-temporal evolution of geohazards influenced by Wenchuan Earthquake and the comprehensive analysis of earthquake action, geomorphological characteristics, lithology, hydrology and other influencing factors, Scaringi had proposed a new understanding of the instability process of post-earthquake landslides, which is helpful for carrying out risk mitigation measures and for ensuring post-disaster reconstruction. What’s more, through the experiments on high-speed and long-range landslides, Scaringi found that under high-pressure and high-speed shear, the strength of slip soil with a certain amount of water would suddenly decrease significantly or even close to zero, showing the "thixotropic" phenomenon as some fluids. This discovery is helpful for people to deeply understand the intrinsic reason why some large landslides can move several kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers.


        After his report, Dr. Scaringi had an in-depth exchange with the teachers and students present, discussing professional matters, and sharing research experience. The research fellow was highly praised by present experts and leaders. Finally, Dr. Scaringi expressed his sincere thanks to SKLGP for our support in both his scientific research and life.