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InSAR Monitoring of Geohazard Research Centre was unveiled at our lab ----2018-09-14

September 9, 2018 witnessed the strategic cooperation signing ceremony, jointly organized by Sichuan Second Survey and Mapping Geographic Information Engineering Institute, Beijing Vastitude Technology Co., Ltd. (BVT) and our lab, which was successfully held in the CDUT. Prof. Xuqiang, associate director of our lab, Wen Xuehu, vice-president of the Institute and Li Jiping, chairman of BVT as well as other relevant leaders and guests all attended the ceremony.


Prof. Xu emphasize In his speech that the technology like InSAR increasingly play an important role in geological disaster prevention and the necessary for us to make full use of modernized measuring apparatuses, such as InSAR, drone and multi-source remote sensing. Industrialization of InSAR and the “Three Inspections” system (including general survey, troubleshooting, and verification) will be improved under the cooperation of the three parts. Mr. Wen Xuehu point out that the cooperation will make great step of the development of InSAR, which has been regarded as the main technology by his institute. And Mr. Li Jiping also addressed that BVT will provide data and technical supports for free to promote the development of InSAR. At the same time, the company will set up a special scholarship at CDUT to encourage students. Prof. Xu, Mr. Wen Xuehu and Mr. Li Jiping signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the three parties, formally established a partnership and jointly unveiled the “InSAR Monitoring of Geohazard Research Centre”.




Doctor Dai Keren in our lab, Wang Defu in the institute and doctor Zhumao, chief technology officer of BVT have delivered speeches in terms of the topics such as “Exploiting the value of InSAR technology for geological disaster prevention on large data sets”, “Application of InSAR technology for geological disasters in Sichuan Province” and “Study on big data application of InSAR: AI-based risk analysis of large area deformation”. Then, participants made further discussions on the development prospects of InSAR and related technologies for geological disasters. At last, the conference ended up with taking a group photo.


The strategic cooperation aims to improve the application of modern technologies such as InSAR, promote comprehensive capability of major geological disasters prevention based on remote sensing technology, and elevate the technology of disaster data collection, monitoring, and evaluation, as well as to contribute to the national geological disaster prevention and mitigation.