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Further analysis of Landslide Dam Events of Yarlung Zangbo River issued by our lab ----2018-10-28

        According to historical remote sensing data of Sedongpu valley, our lab made a primary inference of the course of the river-blocking on Oct 17, 2018. Our historical data supports the following conclusion: a large-scale ice avalanche from the back edge of the glaciers tumbled down and lashed the saturated glacial tills, which caused a large-scale glacial mudslide and formed a barrier lake. However, we failed to get a sharp optical satellite image of this area due to the bad weather so that we cannot identify what we inferred immediately. Fortunately, the cloud-free satellite image of a part of the Sedongpu valley was captured by the US Planet Satellite on October 26th. Thus, we could sure what we have inferred when we compared the image on September 19th (Figure 1) with the cloud-free one and found that a large amount of ice avalanche remains about 0.3 square kilometers (1800 meters long and 150 meters wide) indeed existed in the lower part of the area. The above conclusions have been delivered to the scientific investigation team led by Prof. Yao Tandong. We were unable to immediately determine the exact position and scale of the ice avalanche, because the mountain is lost in the cloud and mist. Of course, our lab will continue to collect more data and images of the disaster to provide a basis and reference for the post-disaster prevention and control.