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Mr. Ou-yang Rensheng, deputy administrator of CEDD Pays a Visit to our lab ----2018-11-01

The morning of 27th October witnessed the visit to our lab made by Ou-yang Rensheng, deputy administrator of Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD), and 15 representatives from The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, in accompany with Prof. Chen Guoqing of our lab who extended warm welcome to all the guests.

Accompanied by Prof. Chen, they visited large-scale instruments and equipment and monitoring systems of our lab including real-time monitoring and warning platform, large-sized geotechnical centrifuge, simulation test device for debris flow, outdoor exploring and monitoring laboratory, etc. After getting a feeling of actually being wilderness exploration through VR, Mr.Ou-yang was full of praise for our VR laboratory and he also wanted to make further cooperation between us in terms of the development of VR.

The visitors and our experts discussed actively with lot of enthusiasm on the advanced devices in our lab, which has been widely appreciated by them. After the visit, both sides, representatives of the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers and our student representatives in Room 318 of our lab, exchanged in-depth views on life, study, employment, salary, public recognition of engineers and the construction of wise cities in Chengdu and Hong Kong.