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Seminar on Application of InSAR in engineering geology ----2018-10-30

On the afternoon of October 26th2018 a seminar on "Application of InSAR in engineering geology" was held at our Room 211, with the attendance of associate professor Yang Honglei (China University of Geosciences), senior engineer Wang Baocun (Institute of Surveying Mapping and Geoinformation of Henan), associate professor Meng Qingkai (Qinghai University) and so on. This seminar attracted many institutes and companies to attend, such as Sichuan University, Beijing Di Kong Software Technology Co., Ltd.

In the first half of the seminar, Yang gave an academic lecture-- “Landslide deformation monitoring of foundation InSAR”. Based on a large number of practical engineering cases, Yang analyzed the advantages and limitations of the application of InSAR in engineering geology. Then, Wang vividly shared his research report-- “Study on spatiotemporal  evolution of land subsidence in Zhengzhou based on InSAR”. Thanks to his continuous observation by InSAR and on-site investigation, the cause and evolution of land subsidence in Zhengzhou were gradually revealed.

In the first half of the seminar, Meng gave an academic lecture-- “Spatiotemporal evolution of large loess landslides and its mechanism analysis based on InSAR and UAV”. Meng used InSAR and UAV to detect the deformation of Hongheyan loess landslide in Gansu Province and studied its evolution law. At last, our associate researcher Li Weile shared his report-- “Retrospect of typical catastrophic landslide deformation and its enlightenment”. Li summarized the deformation law and identification signs for different types of large landslides before their movements, and applied his research achievements to detect potential geohazards for site selection of major national projects, such as the expressway along the Yangtze River in Sichuan, and Duku expressway in Xinjiang.

 After all the academic lectures, the participants had a further exchange and discussion with the speakers. It is reported that in November our lab will invite some InSAR experts in the field of geohazard detection and monitoring to hold an advanced seminar on the application of InSAR in Guiyang.